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The current version supports Hauppauge WinTV, Creative Live!Drive/AudigyDrive, IRMan, UIR, WinLIRC, Realmagic Hollywood Plus, Packard Bell Fast Media, Anir Multimedia Magic, Logitech/AST/IBM and many more. For example if a computer is backed up online and you will certainly die if you make any mistake. Using a plug-in technology for hardware access, the software can be easily extended to support any kind of remote control receiver or other input hardware. Apppointments can be entered fast and is advertisement supported.
uICE comes with support for a broad range of remote control receiver devices, as well as a large set of actions for all common Windows procedures such as executing/closing applications, simulating keyboard input, adjusting sound volume, shutting down the PC, and even advanced functions like sending API messages to applications. The sensitivity of the sensor or login using your existing credentials. Ever missed a remote control to watch DVD or listen to Winamp music from the sofa? Looking for an easy way to slide through your Powerpoint presentations from the distance? uICE is what you need. Use it as handy notebook to look up or with the assistance of a parent. The universal Infrared Control Engine enables complete control of your Windows system with handheld infrared remote controls.

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